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3 Essential Design Trends, February 2024

Yesterday From atypical typefaces to neutral colors to unusual user patterns, there are plenty of new website design trends to try this month. Spring into a new website design aesthetic with some of the hottest trends of the season. Some…

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16 Standout Social Media Logos

Social media logos must be robust because they have to be reproduced and recognizable across multiple contexts, from giant billboards all the way down to website footers. When it comes to designing a logo for social media, simplicity wins out thanks…

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25 Tattoo Fonts You Won’t Regret

If your tattoo involves text, a motto, or a name, for instance, you’ll need a tattoo font that you’ll still love in twenty-five years. Having ​“Meat is Murder” written on your body in Comic Sans may seem hilarious now, but that joke will…

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Using Color Wheel Combinations in Your Designs

If you’re new to design, selecting a color palette for your projects can be challenging — choosing a single color isn’t hard, but finding colors that work well with it can be a minefield. The answer is the color wheel, a tool so proven over the…

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Are Simple Websites Better For Business?

Minimalism — the clean, grey-on-white aesthetic popularised by (among others) Apple — has been the dominant trend for years. It creates a professional look and offers easy-to-understand navigation. On the other hand, Maximalism — a visual feast that attracts attention with complexity and uniqueness — has started to gain traction.…

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6 Predictions for Web Design in 2023

Welcome to our annual guessing game of what the next twelve months will bring. As ever, the design world isn’t isolated from the world in which it exists, so when events shape our lives, they impact our work, the work…

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