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20 Best New Websites, May 2024

5 days ago Welcome to May’s compilation of the best sites on the web. This month we’re focused on color for younger humans, monochrome for sophisticated humans, and (surprisingly) SWF-style loading screens. Whatever your preferred approach to web design there’s…

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15 Best New Fonts, April 2024

April 29, 2024 Just like web design, type design follows trends. And while there’s always room for an exciting outsider, we tend to see similar fonts released at similar times. In this month’s roundup of the best new fonts for…

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Using AI to Predict Design Trends

2 days ago Design trends evolve at a blistering pace, especially in web design. On multi-month projects, you might work on a cutting-edge design after the kick-off meeting, only to launch a dated-looking site. Enter predictive analytics — a machine…

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3 Essential Design Trends, May 2024

5 days ago Integrated navigation elements, interactive typography, and digital overprints are three website design trends making waves this month. Let's take a look at each design trend with some fun examples. If you are judging by website trends, designers…

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