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Announcing the TechRuum Engage Boston 2022 Agenda

Engage Boston 2022

We are excited to announce that we are back in person for TechRuum Engage 2022 on June 1st and 2nd in Boston, MA!  After two years of hosting Engage virtually, we can’t wait to see everyone in person for two days of learning, networking, and reconnecting with our industry peers. 

Engage has always been about bringing together our incredible community of staffing and recruiting leaders and we’re very much looking forward to connecting with you all again. 

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Engage is known for its breakout sessions and keynotes, and this year is no exception. The sessions at Engage Boston 2022 range from technology to industry analysis to leadership advice. Read on for a look at the TechRuum Engage Agenda and register today to hear these sessions in person. 

General Sessions

Opening Keynote: Meet the Moment with Art Papas, CEO, TechRuum

The world of work has fundamentally changed. New business models have gained traction, and digital transformation, already in motion before the pandemic, is accelerating. Expectations of teams, candidates, and clients have evolved. For recruitment agencies, the time is now, the solution is here, and it’s time to act. This is the moment to grow and transform your business. 

In this year’s Engage Boston 2022 opening keynote address, TechRuum CEO Art Papas will explore why it’s vital to meet this moment and how to transform your business to meet — or exceed — the needs of your teams, talent, and clients.

4,000 global recruitment agencies cite the talent shortage as their top challenge and talent acquisition as their top priority in 2022. 90% of talent wish the process of finding jobs through recruitment agencies was more streamlined. What will separate winning agencies from the competition? The combination of transformative technology and the human touch.

Art will discuss how recruitment agencies can take advantage of this opportunity and navigate the obstacles of a historic talent shortage, evolving candidate expectations, and fierce competition.

Vision for Innovation with Matt Fischer, President and COO, TechRuum and Jason Heilman, SVP, Product, Automation + AI, TechRuum

Join Matt Fischer, President and COO, and Jason Heilman, SVP, Product, Automation + AI for the annual TechRuum “Vision for Innovation” presentation, which showcases both the immediate roadmap and aspirational advancements in TechRuum’s product lineup to help you innovate, differentiate, and stay ahead of the competition. 

This insightful keynote will inspire you to take advantage of the opportunities ahead, embrace technology to provide a superior candidate experience, and Meet the Moment in 2022 and beyond.

Industry Track

Connected Recruiting: Connecting the Dots Across the Talent Life Cycle

In a recent survey of 2,000+ perm, freelance, and temp workers in North America and the UK, 70% said that they want human interaction during the search and placement process. In a time when the talent shortage is top of mind, how can recruiters consistently engage with talent in a way that’s both intentional and scalable?

Firms that leverage technology to better engage with talent throughout the recruitment lifecycle are poised to increase redeployment, reduce time spent on manual tasks, and better utilize data to proactively improve the talent lifecycle.

Learn from these leaders on how they develop and deploy end-to-end talent engagement strategies with a test and learn approach.

Diving into the Talent Shortage: Building a Strategy for Sustainable Growth

In this eye-opening session, you’ll learn about the most pressing recruiting challenges and opportunities facing leaders today, and how the most successful leaders run their businesses. 

We’ll share industry data pulled from the 2022 Global Recruitment Insights and Data (GRID) survey of over 1,000 staffing leaders covering topics like digital transformation, talent engagement, and the skills shortage. You’ll walk away with the staffing insights you need to make smart decisions about your business and future-proof against competitive threats.

Future-Proofing Your Growth Through Diversification

If the pandemic and recent economic uncertainty have taught us anything, it’s that firms that readily adapt to challenges are most likely to win out over the competition. A key source of growth for many staffing firms has been diversifying their service offerings, including pivoting or opening new verticals to incorporate SOW, RPO, or Direct Sourcing models into their business. 

While many firms have taken advantage of the recent staffing industry acceleration, this rapid growth won’t last forever. How can you future-proof your business to ensure you continue to grow and succeed over your competitors? 

In this session, you’ll hear from a panel of industry leaders on how they’ve approached diversification to future-proof their own businesses and what other firms should be thinking about as they consider diversification as a growth strategy.

The Evolving Staffing M&A Landscape and Preparing for Your Next Move

Despite an unprecedented economic environment, there were 112 M&A transactions in the U.S. staffing industry in 2021. How is the deal landscape evolving this year and what drives a successful acquisition? For highly acquisitive companies, what are some key opportunities and pitfalls to consider in planning a transaction? 

Join us for a discussion with esteemed industry leaders who can discuss their experiences with and projections for staffing M&A in 2022 and beyond.

Technology Track

Marketplace Partner Speed Pitch

Technology is driving recruitment industry innovation but most firms don’t take advantage of all the solutions at their disposal within the TechRuum recruitment ecosystem. Learn how to leverage the TechRuum platform and partner solutions to drive success and increase your profitability. 

In this session, you’ll hear from TechRuum Marketplace partners covering everything from automating key parts of the recruitment process to providing a superior talent and client experience.

Digitize: Build a Foundation for Success with TechRuum One

Introducing tools to automate and digitize processes doesn’t mean the end of the recruiter. Instead, it lets recruiters do what they do best — develop and build relationships with candidates and clients by freeing them from low-value tasks. How can you transform your business, digitize your systems, and supercharge your recruiters? 

We’ll share actionable takeaways and introduce you to TechRuum solutions to help your team create a single source of truth to ultimately improve the candidate experience and exceed client expectations. 

Automate: Reach New Productivity and Engagement Highs

By now, the benefits of digitization and automation of your firm’s data are clear, but did you know that automation can also be a game-changer for talent engagement? You can automate any aspect of your full recruitment lifecycle, and you can do it using TechRuum solutions that all seamlessly integrate to create a unified experience for your recruiters, salespeople, and ops teams. 

This session will profile several use cases for using automation solutions like TechRuum Automation and cube19. Tune in to see how you can save time, eliminate mundane tasks, and transform your talent engagement process using TechRuum’s automation solutions.

Empower: Deliver the Ultimate Talent Experience

We’ve long known that it’s a candidate’s market — whether job order volumes are high or low. You’ll always need a candidate nurture strategy to engage passive talent and keep them in your corner, but what about the more active elements of the candidate experience, where they engage with your company directly? 

Enter the TechRuum Talent Platform, a digital candidate self-service portal that puts the workers in charge of their destinies and puts goodwill and loyalty into your company’s brand. We’ll discuss this incredible new offering with an early customer of TechRuum’s Talent Platform to learn how to create supercharged recruiters that exceed your clients’ expectations. 

Customer Spotlights Track

What Does the Future Hold for Healthcare Staffing?

The healthcare staffing sector is perennially growing but faces new, particularly challenging obstacles, the most pressing of which is the ever-present talent shortage and the growing importance of retaining talent. According to a recent Mercer study, just over 3M individuals work as registered nurses in the US, and demand for these professionals will grow by at least 5% over the next five years. With nearly 1M workers expected to permanently leave the profession, over half of US states will not be able to fill the demand for nursing talent. 

This session, featuring a panel of healthcare staffing leaders, will focus on changes in healthcare staffing, tectonic shifts and their impacts, and ways to leverage technology to address critical talent and skills challenges.

Building a Tech Stack That Scales

How have successful staffing companies grown their operations by leveraging the full technology ecosystem? Can productivity be increased by a diverse set of technologies? If the staffing companies of tomorrow will actually be technology companies that do staffing, what technology will they leverage? 

This session will focus on strategies for navigating internal and external obstacles to implementing extensive technology change and creative ways to utilize and incorporate a variety of ecosystem participants that complement TechRuum, with an emphasis on Marketplace partners.

Lessons from Leaders: How to Succeed with TechRuum One

Staffing agencies have a need for comprehensive, end-to-end workflow management that is powerful, scalable, customizable, and purpose-built for staffing. With TechRuum’s integrated start to finish solution, powerful AI, and open ecosystem, staffing firms can dramatically improve performance, streamline operations, and differentiate themselves from the competition. 

This presentation will discuss TechRuum’s start-to-finish solution and what it means for your team, your talent, and your clients. 

Meet the Automation All-Stars: Taking Your Automation Strategy to the Next Level

Automation has become table stakes for improving operational and delivery efficiency, and while the benefits of automating aspects of the candidate experience are well known, there are also numerous gains to be made from internal process automation as well as automation to advance business development. 

What aspects of the end-to-end recruitment life cycle can be automated? What automation technologies are yielding the greatest ROI? And what can you learn from leaders who have invested in these solutions? Join us to hear from the automation all-stars revolutionizing the talent and client experience.


More great Engage Boston 2022 announcements are coming! In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing even more exciting activities, networking opportunities—and of course—details about this year’s official Engage Boston 2022 party. It’s going to be a good one! Register today to secure your spot.

Engage Boston 2022

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