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Exciting New Tools for Designers, October 2023

Paddi Macdonnell.


Welcome to our all treats-no tricks, October tools collection.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, October 2023.

This month, we have a whole bag of goodies for designers, developers, and designevelopers alike. (Yes, we did just make up a new word.) There are some great new assets, apps, and resources for boosting your creativity and speeding up your workflow.

Over the past few months, we have noticed a lot of existing tools are getting added AI enhancements, so expect to see some of these alongside brand-new offerings. Enjoy!

Warm up your creative muscles with this ebook containing over 170 creative exercises to help you raise your game and stay in peak condition.

A Manual for Creativity

This collection of 17 brushes will have you covered for fountain, dip, and brush pens. Use for lettering, drawing, and calligraphy.

Inky Brushes

Perception is an AI-powered color palette generator that selects color schemes based on moods, styles, and trends. Currently in free beta.


Supademo 2.0 has added AI personalization to its interactive demo platform, making the process of creating walkthroughs and demos even easier.

Supademo 2.0

While possibly missing the point of what Piet Mondrian was doing in his paintings, this fun little app is good for sparking layout ideas.

Mondrian Generator

If you’re looking for seasonal images, this curated collection from Shutterstock is an ideal place to start.

Shutterstock Autumn Collection

After its initial launch in June this year, the team behind Workverse listened to feedback from early adopters and has launched version 2 of this virtual, collaborative workspace, complete with AI assistant.

Workverse 2.0

The Hungry Chef is a great expressive display font, chock full of character. As well as ligatures and alternatives, it includes a dedicated Greek alphabet.

The Hungry Chef

Supastarter makes starter kits and templates for creating SaaS apps. This one is with Next.js 13 and the new app router. There is a Nuxt kit coming soon.

Supastarter Next.js Kit

Punkt is a UX writing and content design platform made by content designers for content designers. Early bird sign-up is open now.


IndexGuru speeds up page indexing on search engines from what could be months to a matter of days. Features include a daily check for any unindexed pages, which are then automatically indexed.


A new iPhone release means new mockups: helpfully, asset marketplace Craftwork has you covered with these iPhone 15 mockups for Figma.

iPhone 15 Mock Up

TinyAPI is an API marketplace currently accepting submissions from developers. Early access to the hub is available on request.


The Area theme for Shopify is designed for quick setup and is packed with features. It’s not cheap, but you get several style versions for the price of one.

Area Theme

This is a nice set of 30 clean outline icons to indicate upload and download. Fully customizable vectors, the files include Ai, EPS, PNG, and SVG.

Upload and Download Icons

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