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Exciting New Tools For Designers, May 2023

Exciting New Tools For Designers, May 2023.

In this month’s edition, productivity and AI combine to help you do more faster for more reward. Sounds great, right? Enjoy!


Privacy laws change every few months as more and more states add their regulations to the already hefty set of obligations. It’s almost impossible to keep up. Termageddon is an excellent service that keeps up for you, updating your policies when required.


Pangea is a new way to find work on the top product design teams. Register your profile and make yourself available to 1,000+ startups ready to hire through the service. It’s free to join, create your page, and pitch to top startups. Once you’ve been hired, set your own rate and terms, and bill through the platform.


Designing emails is a headache — who wants to layout pages with tables or stick to system fonts? Mailmaker is an excellent app that solves the problem by letting you design emails in a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Digital Brain

If you’re one of those people that sees their work and life as a holistic whole, then you need to check out Digital Brain, a productivity system built on Notion that allows you to track, manage, and improve the performance of every aspect of your life from personal goals to product launches.


WunderUI is an excellent UI kit for designing dashboards in Figma, Sketch, and Xd. It features 200+ templates, more UI components than most designers will ever need, and a consistent set of styles. Flexible layouts, smart assets, and a dark mode variation make it fully responsive.


AppSpector is a remote debugging tool for iOS and Android apps. You can use it to conduct real-time monitoring, review historical bugs, and track down problems from anywhere in the world without needing direct access to the device.


There are many AI image generators, but Mage is one of the best. It uses multiple AI models to return the most inventive, realistic, and original AI-generated imagery possible.


If you lose too much time obsessing over the crypto market or doom-scrolling social media, then you need Hyperfocused. It’s a neat little menubar app for macOS that restricts the files, apps, and websites you can open (until you toggle it off).


InsightBase is an exceptionally helpful AI-powered app that lets you ask natural language questions of your database and get answers back fast. You don’t need SQL or any knowledge of database structure. Just ask anything you need to know.


Breveto is a beautiful writing app for macOS that lets you write long and short-form text, from essays to shopping lists. It’s super-easy to organize your content, which makes it ideal for writing web copy. Plus, it has AI built-in to help you polish your text. 


There isn’t much as important as getting paid for freelancers, so a good invoicing app is a must. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense solution to keep your professional finances in good order, then check out Bookipi, an invoicing and document solution ideal for freelancers and small businesses.


Rangeen is an excellent color palette generator that can help you find the perfect colors for your next project. You can generate colors from ColorGPT, pull them from album art, or grab them randomly. You can save and export palettes and even check them for accessibility.


Fixel is a free font from MacPaw. It uses variable font technology to make it flexible and useful in various scenarios. It is designed to work well with large volumes of text but also has some interesting details to make it visually interesting at larger sizes.


Oppflow is an all-in-one content marketing app that uses AI to deliver the best content for your target audience, just set once and generate over and over. It remembers everything you’ve approved to boost its performance next time and uses innovative tasks to streamline workflows for different team members.


Dart is a project management solution that uses AI to schedule the work needed so that you can focus on building. It saves time and avoids the endless grind of product dev by efficiently getting you over the line. It works across all departments, from design to development, sales, and management.

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