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Exciting New Tools for Designers, August 2023

These latest bits of kit aim to speed up your workflow, simplify your tasks, organize your load, and take care of all the extra business stuff, so you can concentrate on creating work that you love.

Seoship is a toolkit that won’t break the bank for anyone developing independent products. It contains all the usual features, with content suggestions coming soon. 

This comprehensive directory offers a range of both free and paid resources for Tailwind. As well as templates, components, and plugins, there are learning resources and even a Tailwind job board.

iOctopus is an online mind map service. It features easy to use minimalist design, plenty of icons to keep things clear, encryption for privacy, and team collaboration.

DevGPT is an AI-powered code generator. Designed to save developers time and effort, it works with Jira and Github and integrates into existing workflows. 

For note-taking, journalling, writing, and idea-logging: Anytime’s creators describe it as an everything’ app for the creation and safe-keeping of digital assets. Open source but with E2E encryption and local on-device storage.

Iconbuddy has over 180,000 icons that can be edited, customized, and exported for download in a choice of formats for free. If you can’t find something here, you probably won’t find it anywhere.

Codejet turns Figma designs into React code. Currently in free alpha, the team behind it is planning to extend Codejet’s capabilities to produce code for Vue, Angular, Svelte, and Flutter.

Sandworm Audit Cloud is a cloud-hosted version of the open source dependency auditing tool. It helps keep apps secure and compliant by scanning for vulnerabilities and other security risks.

Invoice Dragon is a simple online invoice generator. Choose a template, add the invoice details, and download. Quick and easy to use.

Tailwindmate is a handy little time saver that converts color codes into Tailwind classes and vice versa. It works with Hex, RGB, RGBA, HSL, and HSLA formats.

Currently in public beta, DataPulse claims to bring the fun back to analytics. Data is presented in a clear, easy-to-follow format, and with no cookies, it complies with GDPR and CCPA.

As well as having a great name, Magic Beans is an invoice and financial report generator that plugs into Notion. There is a free version aimed at start-ups and a premium for ongoing businesses that need a little more.

Depths is a community-based platform for tech enthusiasts to compile, distribute, and explore motivational articles and tools. You can use the new browser plugin to organize what interests you most.

ColorHub is a comprehensive color picker and palette builder. Color values are returned as hex, RGB, HSV, and HSL, and each is assigned a mood.’

Bunny Fonts is an open-source web font platform that avoids violating GDPR by not logging data or tracking users. It is fully compatible with Google’s font API, so switching is easy.

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