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15 Best New Fonts, November 2023

3 days ago 2023 is almost over, and the new fonts are still coming thick and fast. This month, we’ve found some awesome variable fonts, some revivals, and one or two novelty fonts to get you through the holiday promotion…

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Old School Web Techniques Best Forgotten

3 days ago When the web first entered the public consciousness back in the 90s, it was primarily text-based with minimal design elements — not through choice; the technology to build engaging experiences simply didn’t exist. Back then, a dancing…

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20 Best New Websites, November 2023

Yesterday As the nights draw in for the Northern hemisphere, what better way to brighten your day than by soaking up some design inspiration? In this month’s collection we’ve got some really beautiful examples of what can be done with…

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15 Best New Fonts, October 2023

October 16, 2023 We’re entering the final quarter of 2023, and even in the pre-holiday lull, there are still plenty of fonts to get excited about. In this month’s edition of our roundup of the best new fonts for designers,…

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