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31 Best Instagram Story Templates to Level Up Your Social Content in 2024

Looking for a way to spice up your Instagram content? Want your profile to seem more professional and organized? You need Instagram Story templates. 

Instagram Story templates are downloadable graphic files that can be edited to include your own social media content. You can use them to tidy up your Story content and make your updates more aesthetic and visually appealing for your followers. 

There are tons of different IG Story templates to choose from online, and there’s something to fit every style and business. To help you make the best choice, we’ve selected 31 of the best templates and template packs available online this year. 

Let’s jump into the list. 

The 31 Best Instagram Story Templates

01. ABCD Instagram Story Templates – Our Top Pick 

#1 Best Instagram Story Template

The ABCD Instagram Story Pack includes 12 unique and stylish Instagram templates. The minimalist designs include flashes of color that will make your designs visually interesting without overshadowing your content. These templates can be easily edited in Photoshop and would work well for an online fashion blog or clothing brand.

Why it’s our top pick 

These templates are minimalist, modern, and professional. They’d be suitable for almost any brand or business which makes them a great versatile option. 

02. SPONDA Instagram Stories Templates

Runner-up best Instagram story template

The SPONDA pack includes 9 super modern and edgy Instagram Story templates. 

The templates include design styles that are evocative of streetwear brands like Supreme, so they would be great for brands and influencers that are targeting a younger audience that is interested in Streetwear and fashion. 

The templates are super easy to edit in Photoshop and include smart objects and more. 

03. Creative & Stylish Social Media Story templates

These Instagram Story templates from Envato are modern, quirky, and cool. The pack includes 12 unique templates that incorporate stylish and laid-back colors and shapes to make your content stand out. 

The templates are fully editable in Photoshop and also include free fonts that you can use in your designs. 

04. Instagram Post / Stories Templates

This pack includes 15 different templates that can be used for both Instagram Stories and Instagram feed posts. 

The designs include a stylish ripped paper effect that has a natural and boho feel. These templates would be great for a wedding-themed Instagram, or a photography portfolio profile. 

All 15 designs are available as square or rectangular templates so you can use all templates for feed or Story posts. 

05. Yellow-Themed Instagram Stories Templates

These bold and stylish Yellow-Themed IG Story templates would be perfect for a professional business Instagram account. 

They are clean and professional, but the pops of color will really help to grab the attention of your followers. 

This template pack includes 6 different designs, as well as free fonts and smart objects that can be easily edited. 

06. Lucas IG Story Templates 

Lucas IG Story templates are cool and modern, and a great way to add some extra flair to your Story designs. The pack includes 5 different templates that incorporate natural graphics such as leaves, flowers, and more.

The templates are fully editable in Photoshop and would be a great choice for an eco-focused brand or Instagram creator.

07. Vintage Film Frame Story Template 

Free Instagram Story template

This vintage film frame Story template is perfect for edgy travel and photography creators. The template can be used to display your favorite photos as though they are part of a vintage camera film reel.

Although this download only includes one template, it’s a solid free option if you want to make your stories a little bit more visually interesting.

08. Business Instagram Story Template 

This uber-professional Story template pack is the perfect choice for emerging start-ups and tech companies. 

The templates incorporate bold yellows tones that are often associated with tech companies as well as free fonts and images that are perfect for business use. 

The set includes 6 templates in total, that are perfectly sized and ready for Instagram use. 

09. Travel Instagram Story Templates 

This pack of travel Instagram Story templates is the perfect choice for a travel company or vacation provider. 

The templates will help you to create unique and stylish stories to announce new destinations, showcase vacation packages, and more. 

These colorful templates are fully editable in Photoshop or Illustrator and the pack includes three different templates in total.

10. Creative and Modern Instagram Story Templates

This pack of creative and modern Story templates created by Ovos is perfect for fashion brands, style content creators, and more. 

The templates include stylish free fonts, as well as cool design elements and text effects that will take your Story designs to the next level.

The templates in this pack can be edited in Photoshop and Illustrator and include mouldable objects and organized layers. 

11. Blue Marketing Instagram Stories Templates

These blue marketing templates from Envato Elements are the perfect choice for a digital agency or online business. The pack includes 9 different templates with clean, professional designs. 

The original templates are blue, but you can edit the colors and fonts to better suit your business branding. The templates also include editable smart objects that you can use to fully customize your stories. 

12. Orange Editable Story Templates 

This pack of orange editable Story templates from Envato is the perfect choice for a fashion influencer or someone with a younger following. 

The crinkled paper effect on the templates is super stylish, and they incorporate bold and youthful colors like striking orange and yellow. The template pack includes 5 different designs as well as free fonts, image guides, and more.

13. Charity Instagram Stories Templates

This pack of charity-themed Instagram Story templates is the perfect choice for a fundraiser or non-profit. The pack includes 8 different templates with useful elements such as donation bars and program details that can increase your Story CTR. 

The templates include a bold black, white, and red color scheme that can be changed if required.

14. Black and Yellow 3D Dotted-Pattern Story Template 

This free template from Canva is the perfect choice for a modern business looking to announce a sale or event using the Story feature on Instagram. The template is 100% customizable and features a clean and professional dotted design. The design would be especially well suited to a tech or e-commerce brand. 

15. Cread Story Templates

Cread Instagram Story template

This bumper pack of Story templates is perfect for a brand or influencer that wants to keep their updates looking professional and consistent. The Cread Story template pack includes 12 different templates that all feature clear and bold headers and graphics, modern and editable smart objects, and more. 

The templates also include free-to-use fonts and downloadable photo options. 

16. Instagray Story Templates

Gray Story templates

If you want to add a minimalist style to your Insta stories then these are the templates for you. These gray-themed templates are very stylish and are sure to catch the attention of your followers. 

The pack includes 6 different templates that can be edited in Photoshop. The pack also comes with a guide and links for free font downloads. 

17. Naggy Instagram Story Template

The Naggy Instagram Story Templates are extremely elegant and classy, making them a great choice for lifestyle or homeware influencers. 

The pack includes 10 different templates that include stylish shapes and colors, as well as free fonts. The download also includes instructions for how to edit the templates in Photoshop.

18. Green-Themed Social Media Stories Pack 

This pack of social media Story templates includes 10 different green-themed options. The designs include elements and graphics that include leaves and flowers and would be perfect for a florist, or eco-centric business. 

The pack also includes free fonts and all templates can be easily edited using Photoshop. There is also a help file to help you get started with customizing the templates. 

19. Food Stories Templates 

Love to share pictures of your delicious meals? These Food Stories Templates are for you. This pack includes 6 well-designed and customizable Instagram Story templates perfect for sharing food-themed content. You can edit the images and the color scheme, and the bundle also includes links to the modern and stylish free fonts used in the templates. 

20. Instagram Quotes Templates 

Sharing quotes and inspirational messages in your Stories is a great way to boost engagement and build a community, and these quote-themed Story templates are perfect for the job. The pack includes 6 positive and colorful quote layouts for you to use. It also includes graphic elements like stylized quotation marks and more. 

The templates are fully customizable and can be edited in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. 

21. Colorful Instagram Quote Templates

If you’re looking for quote templates that are even more colorful, then this bumper pack of Instagram quote Story templates may be just the ticket. The pack contains 20 unique templates which you can use to display your quotes in different shapes and styles.

Some of the layout elements include hearts, paint swatches, and more. These templates also feature beautiful pastel colors that are sure to make your Stories pop. 

22. Black and Red Stylish Story Templates 

Black and red Instagram Story templates

Looking for a bold and youthful Instagram Story template? These black and red-themed templates may be just what you need. 

The pack includes 4 different designs that feature stylish fonts and modern design elements. The templates can be edited using Adobe Photoshop and the bundle also includes image guides and more. 

23. Elegant Gray Minimalist Template 

Elegant Gray

If you want to add a touch of minimal elegance to your stories without breaking the bank, then this could be the perfect template for you.

This elegant gray template includes minimalist fonts and a stylish retro film-style design that is sure to impress your followers. You can edit and customize this template using Canva, and it’s free to use and download. 

24. Fashion Banner Stories Templates 

Fashion banner pack

If you’re a fashion or retail Instagrammer looking to add a splash of color to your content, these templates would be a great choice. The Fashion Banner Stories pack includes 6 fully editable Story templates that can be customized using Photoshop. The pack also includes font info to help you access the free fonts used in the templates. 

25. Social Media Instagram Stories Templates 

This bumper pack of social media Story templates is great for new creators looking to build a strong brand using a consistent theme. The templates are modern, clean, and minimalist, and would work for almost any type of social media account. 

The pack includes 20+ professional designs that feature free-to-use Google fonts, CC0 images, and more. You can edit the designs using Photoshop, and there are also .jpg files included. 

26. Orange and Blue Story Templates 

These bold orange and blue Story templates are fun and eye-catching, and perfect for businesses and influencers alike. The pack includes 9 different templates with editable text, backgrounds, and smart objects. Although the preview images are not included, it’s easy to insert your own images into the templates using Photoshop. 

27. Urban Instagram Story Templates 

This pack of Urban templates from Envato is perfect for creators with a young and style-focused audience. The templates include modern fonts and graphics and would be perfect for a youth fashion brand or influencer. The original templates include a bold purple color scheme, but this can be edited in Photoshop to fit your brand’s own color scheme. 

28. Warm Tan Instagram Story Template 

This simple, yet elegant Story template utilizes a warm tan color palette and would be great for a lifestyle Instagram account. It also includes modern text bubble graphics that look cool and understated. The template is fully customizable, so you can add your own images, messages, and quotes to the layout.

29. Fashion Themed Templates 

This pack includes 3 stylish templates that would be perfect for sharing fashion pictures, offers, and more. The templates include cool fonts, square-style text boxes, and more. The original templates also include yellow and orange elements, but this can be edited in Photoshop if you wish.

30. Water-Themed Templates

This pack of fun, water-themed templates would be a great choice for travel creators, vacation businesses, and more. The pack includes three unique templates that include elements like bubbles, palm tree leaves, and more. The templates can be edited using Photoshop and include well-organized layers and fonts. 

31. Instagram Course Creator Templates  

This pack includes a total of 15 Instagram Story templates and would be perfect for an online course creator. The templates are modern and clean and include useful elements like infographics, promo buttons, and more.

Also, the templates include free web fonts, so it’s easy to edit the fonts and upload them straight to your socials. All the smart objects and colors can also be edited in Photoshop. 

How To Choose the Best Instagram Story Templates 

Not sure which Instagram Story templates to choose? Here are some tip for choosing and utilizing Story templates well. 

Consider your audience 

When selecting a template for your Instagram Stories, it’s important to consider your audience, and what type of template would be most appealing to them. If you have a younger audience, a modern, vibrant and more ‘aesthetic’ template might be the right choice.

However, if your Instagram page is aimed at your business clients, then you may want to choose a more low-key and professional template. 

Stick to a color scheme 

Instagram Story templates can really liven up your social media content. However, you should still try to stick to a cohesive color scheme that is in keeping with your business branding. 

Switching regularly between different templates and colors can seem a little tacky, so it’s best to choose a color scheme or template set and stick with it. 

This will help your Story content to seem more professional and visually appealing to your audience. 

Think about your content 

Although templates can help to improve the look of your stories, you don’t want the template to detract from the actual content. 

For example, if you’re sharing details about an upcoming event, make sure that the template you choose puts the key event information as the focus of the Story. 

You should try to avoid overshadowing your content with flashy colors and graphic elements. 

Instagram Story Templates ⁠— Final Thoughts 

So there you have it ⁠— 31 awesome Instagram Story templates that you can use to take your IG content to the next level.If you’re interested in learning more about different design elements for social media, check out some of our other posts including 24 Best Instagram Story Highlight Icons for 2023 and more!

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