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30 Most Exciting New Tools for Designers, 2023

Paddi Macdonnell.

4 days ago

As we near the end of 2023, we wanted to take a look back over all the tools we collected over the past year, to pick out our favorites.

30 Most Exciting New Tools for Designers, 2023.

It was a tough job, as there has been a lot of great new stuff released. We’ve covered design tools, developer tools, assets, utilities, productivity tools, business helpers, frameworks, and a whole lot more.

Not everything is exactly the same as when we first featured it — there have been rebrands, further developments, and in some cases, whole new versions.

The most noticeable development across the board this year has been the rise of AI in the form of both whole new tools, and enhancements to existing tools. When used well, AI can really help speed up workflow, and take a load off when it comes to the grunt work. And that is what a good toolkit is all about: working smarter, not harder. Enjoy!

Bunny Fonts puts your users’ privacy first, with no logging or tracking, it uses CDN so it’s fast, and it’s compatible with Google’s font API, so it’s easy to switch. What’s not to like?

Bunny fonts

There are plenty of icons to choose from in this library, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.


Sometimes stuff just takes time to load. These excellent Lottie Preloaders will occupy your users’ attention, and let them know everything is as it should be.

Lottie Preloaders

Let Generated Photos AI create copyright free headshots for you to use in your designs, based on the parameters you give it such as age, ethnicity, and gender.

Generated Photos

Frase is an AI companion for lightning-fast content creation. Unleash its power to craft compelling content, from briefs to blogs, all while effortlessly infusing SEO brilliance. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to efficiency.


Say goodbye to waiting for months, and hello to mere days for your pages to conquer search engine rankings. With daily scans and automatic indexing, your web presence just got turbocharged.

Index Guru

It’s been around for a while, but 2023 saw Adobe Express take off with AI powered creation of branded, social media content. It’s stocked with templates and Adobe design assets for free.

Adobe Express

Unlock the power of creativity with Rive. Craft fast, bite-sized animations and dynamic motion graphics for the web or native apps.


Discover Cyan Stats, a privacy-focused analytics solution. Say goodbye to invasive cookies and cross-site trackers while enjoying real-time traffic reports. Experience analytics simplified, with privacy at the forefront.

Cyan Stats

LimeWire AI Studio is your ticket to unleashing boundless creativity. Transform your ideas into stunning visuals within seconds using just text prompts. What’s more, LimeWire rewards you for your creativity, even with the free plan.


This cutting-edge service, fueled by AI and trained on a host of design inspirations, transforms text prompts into user interfaces.


This dynamic browser for developers wields all your essential tools in one app. Experiment with device sizes, tackle pesky bugs, and sync with a range of devtools.


Generate landing pages without using code, with EarlyBird. Ideal for an early-stage web presence, or for getting an MVP up and running, for real user validation.


Use DevGPT for effortless code generation. Simply provide a prompt, and watch as DevGPT transforms it into code, streamlining workflow and giving you more time to focus on more complex tasks.


Calendars and planners, while essential, can be quite cumbersome. Markwhen, on the other hand, streamlines your life with markdown-powered timelines and schedules, making organization a breeze.


Unlock your freelancing potential with the Freelance Brain Notion add-on. Seamlessly oversee clients and projects, and transform your work life into a hassle-free adventure.

Freelance brain

The amount of time spent writing emails can be frustratingly high, especially with clients who don’t understand it’s work time. Ghostwrite is a fantastic little tool that will write your emails for you, based on your prompts.


Dive into user feedback, pinpoint pain points, and track feature dreams with Canny. Craft a killer product roadmap, and steer your ship towards smarter decisions.


Thread is a creative wireframing AI. Share your vision, and watch Thread craft a stunning wireframe for you to customise, while adhering to top-notch design principles.


Glint is an intuitive GUI for git, that empowers you to control file versions visually, without needing to use the command line.


UI Skeleton Gallery is a creative toolkit for crafting captivating wireframes and mockups. Elevate your designs with these free SVG-based UI skeleton elements, or build your unique UI masterpieces from scratch.

UI Skeleton

RippleUI, could be your ultimate UI design companion. It goes a step beyond Tailwind with streamlined classes, reducing code clutter. Explore a treasure trove of components and utilities, to supercharge your web development.

Ripple UI

Unravel the complexity of fine print with Detangle’s AI. It transforms legal jargon into crystal-clear summaries, ensuring you grasp every detail before signing the dotted line.


Improve your game with Workvio’s work management platform. Unlock the power of seamless time tracking, project management, invoicing, and expense tracking.


Stay ahead of ever-evolving privacy laws. With regulations multiplying like wildfire, Termageddon becomes your trusty shield, ensuring your policies are always up to date.


Step into the world of video creativity with Veed This dynamic browser-based tool packs a punch with automatic captioning, and translation, giving your videos a global edge.


Train ChatNode with your data, so your customers receive laser-focused answers from your knowledge vault, not the vast web. Boost engagement and delight your users with personalized responses from your chatbot.


Pebblely removes backgrounds and lets you replace them with captivating stock scenes. Perfect for wowing clients and nailing your pitches.


Transform WordPress sites easily with Microthemer visual CSS editor. Create a dynamic style sheet that supersedes your theme’s CSS, while also having the flexibility to switch back to the default styles whenever you want.

Microthemer is your secret weapon for unraveling the world of web typography Just input the URL, and watch as it reveals the website’s fonts, their styles and weights.


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