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30 Free Xmas Graphics | WDD

Louise North.

4 days ago

We’ve reached that time of year when all marketing is on a singular theme: snow, presents, and turkey (or nut roast, if that’s your preference).

30 Free Xmas Graphics.

These last few weeks running up to the Christmas break can be an endless trudge through grey, cold weather if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere or wall-to-wall sunshine and BBQs south of the equator (ho-hum). Either way, no one wants to be stuck to a computer doing overtime when they could be eating mince pies glued to a Die Hard marathon. So, the best thing you can do is finish your marketing jobs quickly and then check out.

To help you wrap up your design work early this year, we’ve hunted through the free vector clip art on Stockio and 1001FreeDownloads and put together this selection of the best seasonal stock images. No matter how you approach the holidays, there’s something for everyone here.

Free Santa Clip-Art

Whether you call him Santa Claus, Saint Nick, or Father Christmas, he’s as Christmassy as cola-flavored beverages. When you see him, you know the holidays really are coming. Originally depicted in a green suit, red with white trim is now the accepted uniform, and the jolly face is unmistakable.

Christmas background with typography and santa

Dancing santa

Christmas background with typography and santa

Vector cartoon characters illustration for new year

Running Santa

Santa and Reindeer

Santa Owl

Free Christmas Tree Clip-Art

Most people celebrate Christmas by bringing some form of greenery into their house — it’s been done for at least a thousand years. Popularizing the tradition of decorating a tree first amongst the English aristocracy and then the world is the second most famous thing about Prince Albert. Unfortunately for him, his wife’s grandmother had already imported the tradition from Germany, where they’d been doing it for centuries.

Christmas tree

Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas

Christmas background with santa and sledge

Xmas tree

Winter Tree 2

Free Christmas Bauble Clip-Art

Christmas is celebrated globally by many people of different faiths and no faith at all. When you put together your marketing, it may be important to keep your imagery non-religious. One of the simplest ways to make your promotions feel seasonal without alienating anyone is to use Christmas decorations like glass baubles. And because baubles come in many different colors, they’re easy to work into your branding.

New Year card

New Year’s ball

Christmas background

Free Toys Clip-Art

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few traditional toys. In the West, we owe many of our ideas about a traditional Christmas to Charles Dickens. And so, while you probably want to unwrap a Playstation on the big day, when it comes to marketing, it’s Victorian-era toys that ring true.

Christmas guard bear


Free Christmas Present Clip-Art

It’s not just children who get presents at Christmas; we give them to friends, family, and loved ones. Giving and receiving presents is a big part of the festivities, and nothing says Christmas like a box with a big red bow. Just like Christmas decorations, Christmas patterns are easy to work into your branding, and they even bring a sense of excitement.

Christmas background with gifts

Christmas pattern

Free Christmas Lettering

Sometimes, you just want to offer your customers sincere best wishes for the end of one year and the start of the next. For ultra-conservative business sectors, that’s often the safest approach, especially when you have a large number of customers. Ribbons, bows, and “Season’s Greetings” can be all you need.

Christmas illustration with reindeer

Christmas background with typography and badge and santa

Christmas illustration with typography and deer horns

Christmas illustration with globe

Christmas background with frame

Free Holiday Clip-Art

Christmas might be the main event, but there’s plenty to do and enjoy over the coming weeks. Sledding, building a snowman, snowball fights, snow angels, and long walks in the country followed by hot chocolate by an open fire are all idyllic ways to spend December. Or, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm, head to the beach and laugh at those of us shivering through the next month.

Christmas background with christmas icons


Christmas pattern with snowman

Christmas snowflake pattern

Christmas pattern

Louise North

Louise is a staff writer for WebdesignerDepot. She lives in Colorado, is a mom to two dogs, and when she’s not writing she likes hiking and volunteering.

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