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25 Best Condensed Fonts for 2024

Searching for the perfect font for your upcoming project? Would you like something versatile and elegant? Condensed fonts could be just what you’re looking for. 

Despite being narrower than the average font, condensed fonts can still make a bold impact, which makes them perfect for use in headlines, posters, and more. However, with so many condensed fonts to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. 

In this article, we’ll provide a rundown of the 25 best, condensed fonts of 2021 to help make choosing a font for your project quick and hassle-free. But first, let’s learn a little more about what condensed fonts are and how they can be used.

What is a Condensed Font? 

Condensed fonts are fonts that have a narrower width than standard fonts. They can also be referred to as narrow fonts. Condensed fonts can be extremely stylish, but they can also be hard to read at times. 

Therefore when using them, you should ensure that the text is large enough for them to be easily readable. For example, you could use them in headers and larger bodies of text instead of using them for small text boxes. 

25 Best Condensed Fonts for 2021

Now you know a little more about what condensed fonts are and how they can be used, let’s jump into the list. All of the fonts in this list are available with the Envato Elements subscriptions (plans start from $14.50/month).

1. Modric Condensed Font – Our Top Pick

Modric condensed font

Mordic is an extremely elegant condensed font that can be used for a range of projects. It would look great as part of advertisements for beauty and fashion brands.

Why it’s our top pick

Mordic is classic and versatile. This simple but impactful font would look great in many different designs and is the perfect addition to any designers font collection

2. Chillvornia Condensed Font

Chillvornia condensed is a super trendy font that is perfect for creating eye-catching headers for posters and other advertisements. The font has a retro feel and would also look great on T-shirts, mugs, and more. The font also includes a range of ligatures that can help you to add visual interest to your designs.

3. Winchester Condensed Font

Winchester condensed font

Winchester is a classic condensed font that can help you to create super impactful designs. This font has an old-fashioned and traditional feel, so it looks great as part of vintage designs. This condensed font is clear and easy to read, so it would be suitable for many different projects.

4. Rosterine Condensed Font

Rosterine is a visually interesting and curvy condensed font perfect for posters, merchandise, and more. The font evokes a vintage and nostalgic feel. Despite being a condensed font, it is bold and impactful and is great for creating eye-catching headers.

5. Highpro Condensed Font

Highpro condensed font

If you’re looking for a clear and bold condensed font, Highpro is the font for you. This handcrafted font is extremely versatile and would look great as part of an informational poster, or as part of more creative designs. This is a standard but stylish font that every designer could use.

6. Pineforest Classic Font 

Pineforest is an interesting condensed font with a vintage feel. The characters have a visually interesting tree-like shape that is perfect for catching the eye of readers. This font is a little difficult to read so it’s definitely best used as part of large bodies of text like headers or t-shirt designs.

7. Griphead Modern Condensed Font 

Griphead condensed font

Griphead is a modern condensed font that is perfect for use in professional designs or web design. The geometric characters are easy to read and impactful. This font would look great used on a website, or as part of a business logo for a technology-focused company.

8. Jamie Woods Skinny Font 

Jamie Woods Condensed font

Jamie Woods is a delicate handwritten condensed font. It’s extremely narrow, but easy to ready, and looks great paired with calligraphic brush fonts. The font has a modern and feminine feel and would work well as part of invitation designs or merchandise like bags and t-shirts. 

9. Kionsa Ultra Condensed Font

Kionsa Condensed font

Kionsa is an ultra condensed font with a minimalist feel. The font has a cool modern feel and would look great in web-based designs or on apparel. The ultra condensed nature of this font makes it a little hard to read, but when used in large bodies of text, it really jumps off the page.

10. Cedric Classy Font

Cedric is a bold and curvy font with a nostalgic feel. The font can give a touch of art-deco class to all of your designs. This font would look perfect on events posters, invitations, and more.

11. Arcacne Condensed Font

Arcacne is an all-caps font collection that’s full of energy. It comes in three different styles: regular, condensed, and ultra-condensed. The letterforms have a scrawled, handwritten effect that adds personality to your designs while still being highly legible.

12. Harmony Brush Font 

Despite the elegant-sounding name, Harmony is a font that packs a punch. The handmade font is bold and powerful, with a rough texture and all-caps letters. It’d work great on grunge or punk artistic projects, especially album covers.

13. Lonssa Condensed Typeface 

Lonssa condensed typeface

Lonssa is a quirky feminine typeface perfect for product packaging, invitations, and more. The condensed font is easily readable and would look great paired with elegant cursive fonts. The font characters have wavy edges that will help add visual interest to your designs.

14. Branders Condensed Handmade Font 

Branders is a handmade font with a more masculine feel. The font is eye-catching and easy to read and would be great on T-shirts and other merchandise. This font also comes in a range of weights including light, medium, and bold.

15. The Wanderer Condensed Handwriting Font

If you’re looking for a stylish and unique font that is highly readable, The Wanderer is a perfect choice. This handwritten font is light, but extremely impactful, and is sure to draw the reader’s attention as part of any design.

16. Moonstaire Serif Font 

Moonstaire is an elegant condensed Garlade serif font. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to add a touch of class to your designs. This font would look perfect on packaging for a luxury beauty brand or even on a card or invitation.

17. Highly Condensed Typeface 

Highly condensed typeface

Highly is an interesting and bold condensed typeface. It includes visually interesting ligatures that grab the reader’s attention. This makes it the perfect choice for posters, advertisements, and even merchandise. If you’re looking to give your designs a modern and masculine touch, this font is perfect for you.

18. Barstrip Ultra Condensed Font 

Barstrip is an extremely unique font modeled on product barcodes. This font would be perfect in a stylistic design such as a t-shirt motif or band album cover. The only drawback with this font is that it can be a little hard to read, so it’s best used in titles and large bodies of text.

19. Volante Condensed Sans Family

Volante is a funky font perfect for magazines, posters, and advertising. It’s stylish and has an ultra-modern feel that is perfect for hip and trendy businesses. The font is bold and striking so it would also look great on t-shirts or other merchandise.

20. Minty March Condensed Serif Font 

Minty March condensed serif font

Minty March is a delicate and beautiful font. It’s clear and easy to read, and its delicate nature would be great for both small and large bodies of text. This font has an alternative bohemian feel and would be perfect for elegant party/wedding invitations.

21. Braleno Condensed Font 

Braleno is an extremely trendy and unique font, perfect for just about any project. Its bold and textured characters are sure to add a touch of style to any design. It would look particularly good used on posters or in web design.

22. Millgrove Condensed Display Font

Millgrove is another powerful condensed typeface with a unique design. The interesting letterforms would work great in headlines, logos, and other designs where you want the text to really stand out. It comes in three styles: regular, edge, and stamp. 

23. Franceur Condensed Typeface

Franceur typeface

Franceur is a fun, upbeat font that’s hand-drawn. It feels very natural and feminine and would work great on stationery, greetings cards, invitations, magazines, and more. Franceur Condensed Typeface comes in two styles: regular and slanted. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and alternates.

24. Calcio Ultra Condensed Font 

Calcio is an ultra condensed font, which means it’s super narrow and great for space-saving designs. It utilizes a minimalist design that’d look great on fashion-related designs, business cards, invitations, magazines, and more. It includes both uppercase and lowercase characters, plus numerals and symbols.

25. Grandmaid Typeface 

Grandmaid is actually a ‘compressed’ typeface, which is even narrower than regular condensed fonts. It’s a very stylish and neat handcrafted font with a vintage design. It’d work well on clothing prints like T-shirts and caps, as well as on posters, covers, and other design projects. The font pack includes 4 different styles: Regular, Rounded, Rough, and Stamp. It also comes with a bunch of ligatures and alternates. 

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